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How thick should I apply my conformal coating?

A regular question asked in conformal coating is how thick should the coating film be?

Well, the simple answer is thick enough so the conformal coating works and protects the circuit board.

But not too thick as this can cause problems for the circuit board in the long term.

After all, the performance of the conformal coating is dependent on the thickness applied.

But, it is possible to quantify this a little more.

How do I dip coat my printed circuit board in conformal coating?

A conformal coating can be applied in many ways to a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The many methods include spraying, brushing and dipping.

Dip coating is one of the most efficient methods for application of conformal coatings and is excellent for all volume production whether large or small. 

However, the dip technique really excels in high volume production since multiple circuit boards can be coated simultaneously.

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