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At Thin Film we offer complete solutions for various types of plasma cleaning and treatment. 

Our services include:

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Cleaning and treatment of surfaces

Plasma cleaning is a process that is gaining more popularity in thin film applications due its highly effective performance on cleaning and modifying surfaces.  

Plasma treatment can clean, activate or coat nearly all surfaces. These surfaces include plastics, metals, (e.g., aluminum), glass, recycled materials and composite materials.

Therefore, here at TFP we are offering all of the standard and specialized processes for plasma cleaning that includes services, equipment and coatings.

Why clean with Plasma?

Here are a few key reasons to use plasma cleaning and surface treatment:

  • Plasma cleaning can clean surfaces of a product 100% to improve adhesion and surface energy of the product.
  • Many wet chemistry cleaning processes can be eliminated. Methods using cleaning chemistries, water processing and drying energy are unnecessary.
  • Activate the surface by changing the surface energy. This would allow easier bonding and better adhesion to the surface. The significant improvement in adhesion enables the use of alternative coatings that may have difficulty adhering to surfaces without the treatment.
  • The plasma process is a simple, safe and environmentally friendly technology.
  • The plasma process has both batch (offline) and inline capability.

This means the plasma process can be highly effective on many different products. As a result, plasma is in use in almost all areas of industrial manufacturing.

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Plasma cleaning and treatment services

Subcontract coating services for plasma treatment and coating

There are three types of plasma treatment available from Thin Film Partners:

  1. Low pressure plasma.
  2. Low pressure roll to roll cleaning.
  3. Atmospheric Plasma.

Low-pressure plasma

These plasmas are generated in closed chambers in a vacuum (10-3 to 10-9 bar). This offers a variety of complex chemistries, coatings, cleaning for 3-D charts.

Low pressure roll to roll cleaning

Unroll, clean and roll back up process cleaning. Complex chemistry for film and membrane applications.

Atmospheric pressure plasma

Atmospheric plasma is generated under normal pressure. This means that low-pressure chambers are not required. Best for cleaning and activation of in-line applications prior to bonding and coating.

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Equipment and systems

atmospheric plasma cleaning of surfaces to improve coating performance

We can provide processes, systems and components to help you set up in house with plasma cleaning.

They include low pressure and atmospheric plasma equipment that can be run with plant air, nitrogen or a nitrogen/hydrogen forming gas.

The systems can be used for:

  • Film manufacturing
  • Coil coating
  • Panel treatment
  • Profile extrusion
  • Robot systems
  • Laboratory systems
  • Test systems
  • Plasma applied coatings

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Custom plasma formulations

We spend a lot of work in research and development.

Innovation is a central focus of all that they do. The development of new plasma technologies and applications has always been and will remain a core purpose.

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Process evaluation, development and training

We understand surface finishes and how to use plasma to improve the adhesion process.

We can work with you on your project and help you develop the perfect cleaning process and ensure a great return on investment.

We can also train you to operate the process once we have installed it.

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Turnkey solutions

Plasma treatment turnkey solutions from thin film partners

We provide turnkey solutions for both plasma cleaning and coating services and in house processing.

The decision then can be made on which solution is suitable for you whichever way you want to go.

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