Water-based Cleaning Materials


Our cleaning fluids from UK-based Surclean consist of aqueous-based chemistries designed to clean many types of contamination on circuit board assemblies and stencil screens.

Surclean provide innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly materials to the electronics industry because customers need high quality, advanced technologies to complete their work effectively. Surclean does not re-badge or re-market products from any other manufacturer since research and development is at the centre of the product range.

This allows TFP to offer high-quality, technical cleaning fluids while also providing the most competitive prices.

Water-based Cleaning

SC 2500

High performance semi-aqueous solution.

Formulated for fast, effective removal of flux residues and other soils from electronic assemblies.

Excellent for gentle cleaning and rinsing of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

SPR 2300

Exceptionally strong semi-aqeous solution.

Combination of exclusive aprotic solvent technology and blend of water miscible solvents with dual action saponifiers.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications.

SPR 2050

Powerful semi-aqueous solution.

Custom synthesized aprotic solvent combined with dual action saponifiers.

Perfect for difficult cleaning applications.

SPR 2100

Higher concentration version of SPR 2100.

Perfect for difficult cleaning applications because it is designed for enhanced removal rates of flux residues and other soils, including some hard to clean 'no-clean' types.

Screenclean 200

Powerful aqueous-based cleaner.

Fast removal of uncured solder paste and adhesive residues from screens, stencils, and tooling.

Residues are rinsed away with water.

Screenclean 500

High performance aqueous-based cleaner.

Fast, effective, removal of uncured solder paste and adhesive residues from screens, stencils, and associated tooling.

Exceptional compatibility with screen and stencil attachment adhesives.