Ecosolve 200

Ecosolve 200 Cleaning Fluid

The Ecosolve 200 cleaning material from Surclean is a strong solvent blend for flux cleaning applications where high levels of residue are present including removal of flux and uncured adhesives.

Main Facts

  • Removes all flux types. Removes flux, uncured adhesives and white powder residues.
  • Perfect for hand cleaning. Used for removal of heavy deposits of flux deposits as the slow drying allows agitation of residues by brushing.
  • Flexible. It is sometimes used in bench top ultrasonic cleaners.
  • No residues. Dries clean. 
  • Safe. Low level flammability.
  • It is slower drying and much more powerful than IPA.
  • Compatible with almost all plastics, rubbers, and elastomers.
  • The longer evaporation time allows sufficient time for brush agitaton to mobilize and dissolve residues while there is still sufficient liquid cleaning solvent on the work piece.
  • HIghly effective when removing heavy residues. For example, rework flux and SMD adhesive.
  • It is economical when used.
  • Combined with the lower vapour pressure, releases susbtantially lower levels of VOC's into the environment than Isopropanol Alcohol (IPA).
  • Available in aerosol, trigger spray, and bulk quantities.

Standard Pack Availability

  • 400mL aerosol spray
  • 500mL trigger spray
  • 1 Litre trigger spray
  • 5 Litre container
  • 25 Litre container


Ecosolve 200 MSDS