Five reasons to trust Thin Film Partners with your Parylene project

  1. Experience, knowledge and expertise: Our engineers have tackled almost all known Parylene coating challenges... and overcome them. We have scientists who understand the chemistry and physics of the technology we are applying. After all, some of them developed the original process.
  2. Process development: The key to success in Parylene is the process development stage. Get this right and the issues normally found with poor Parylene coating can be eliminated. Thin Film Partners can help you develop this process.
  3. Highest quality: Everyone offers the highest quality. We deliver it. Without costing you a fortune.
  4. Competitive price: Cost is everything. In a competitive world it doesn’t matter how good the coating is if it’s too expensive. We can help give you the best cost and quality you require. Try us out.
  5. Coating services, equipment, dimer, training and support: We provide the complete solution whatever your needs. In house or outsource. You make the informed choice.

We uniquely can help you outsource your Parylene coating without fear or we can help you set up in house whereever you require.

We can tailor the solution to meet your needs.  

Contact us now.